Insatiable energy, skilled in outside the box results, recognized as a “get it done” leader. Solves logistical nightmares, coordinates complex initiatives, develops teams, puts reality to vision, brainstorm partner, wears many hats.

6-2-9-2 (Kolbe)


ESTJ (Myers-Briggs)

Influencer (Stand Out)

Captain (Predictive Index)

Enneagram 8 / 1

Operator – 540 (Predictable Success)

Pathfinder (Predictive Index)

 “Liz is one of the hardest working, most energetic, & dependable employees I have ever had. I never need to worry she will carry out an order. Self-starter, takes initiative.”

B. Vallorani, Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur

 “Liz has endless passion for her work, obtains results that exceed expectations, & manages to keep multiple balls in the air while seeing projects through to completion; heartily endorse Liz.”

T. Ewing, CPA, Business Owner

 “Liz displays leadership that is stable & consistent; versatile, focused, & multi-tasked & this is only a portion of what describes her abilities. She continues to shine in her ability to deliver comprehensive effectiveness for her team.”

D. Smith, Business Owner

Fractional Executive focusing on
Operations & Logistics as an Integrator

Practiced in a broad range of professional functions, I am decisive and performance-driven, with extensive experience successfully developing teams, managing business operations, coordinating large & small events, marketing strategies, publicity initiatives, recruiting, client relations, & I am adept at achieving desired results efficiently & enthusiastically.  

Working with one Visionary for over 15 years, our team efforts resulted in two companies achieving Inc. 5000 a total of 6 times; the start-up or acquisition of countless brands; four of which were acquired, two by public companies. I have led teams between 3 and 55+ in a varied number of industries and departments, and have been directly responsible for a number of high-revenue activities.

My diverse skillset led me to launch my own Consulting Agency, where I provide Visionary Executives & Entrepreneurs their integral counterpart as an Integrator, ensuring day-to-day strategy & LMA (leading, managing, delivering accountability) so they can focus on the big picture / end-game.

However, I am not an assistant. You’ll not find me following step-by-step instruction or sitting with a pen waiting for your decisions. I’m a leader. I am the Wags to your Axe. You deliver the overall concept, I make sure it gets ordered, painted, framed, sold, and delivered.

As a fractional executive, I provide the structure and oversight your organization craves and your vision demands without the expense of full-time executive compensation and a benefits package. If you’ve read Rocket Fuel and you know you’re a Visionary, I am the Integrator that is integral to ensuring your Vision becomes reality without costing your company their entire profit margin. You envision, I encapsulate. You dream, I deliver. Together we are unstoppable!

Do you need leadership, management, and accountability in your organization? Perhaps you need a tie-breaker when departments or organizational heads don’t know which direction to follow. As an Integrator, I can be the tool to help you get jump-started when you’re stuck, or provide the consistency that you need day-in-day-out.

Because I understand P&L and ROI from every aspect of a company, I will quickly get my arms around the whole picture and help your business and team stay aligned, coordinated, and growing – together. Because I’m a quickstart, you will never have to wonder if I’ve even started working on that project. As a innovative, adaptive personality, I can assess challenging situations and deliver results.


  • Operations & Administration
  • Event Design & Coordination
  • Acquisitions (Dual)
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Ghostwriting / Copy
  • Logistics & Leadership
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Publicity & Promotions
  • Human Resources
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Payroll & Benefits

Past Experience

Chief Operating Officer (2014 – 2021)
E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Agency 
I coordinated all operational & administrative functions within the company, including team management, personnel & benefits, event design & execution, publicity, new product development, additionally assisting with marketing strategy, business development & acquisitions, & client relations. Acquired by publicly traded company CBMJ, Inc. & assisted with acquisitions & development.

E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Agency
As an executive & partner, I provided leadership over all operational functions within the company, including team management, personnel, event design, publicity, product development, & assisted with marketing & new business opportunities. My joint leadership with the CEO, CMO, and CDO directly resulted in the company achieving Inc. 5000 ranking, before being acquired by a publicly traded company. One joint collaboration resulted in significant feature across MSM.

Chief Administrative Officer (2011 – 2017)
Media & E-Commerce Conglomerate 
Acting as the right arm of CEO, I provided operational & administrative support for a media & e-commerce startup that achieved Inc. 5000 ranking 5 years. Responsible for all personnel acquisition, events, payroll & benefits administration, I vetted business ventures, providing a liaison between all external contacts & executives, & assisted with marketing.

Director of Operations (2007 – 2012)
Non-Profit Educational Organization
From Customer Service to Director of Operations, I developed procedures, increased ROI, dramatically improved processes & customer experience, coordinated national events, managed product development, publishing, fulfillment, & extensive marketing initiatives.

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