Invicta: Undefeated, Unconquered

Moments can define us for better or worse. Epiphanies sometimes elude our grasp or deliver unparalleled success. Environment can be allowed make or break you. The Stoics (particularly Aurelius) sought to teach us that the more we can remove emotions like rage or anger, limit our necessity for situational happiness, and choose simply to be a good person, the better we off we would find ourselves. And so, here we are: choosing to be our best version. Perhaps you’re a Visionary who has been missing (or having to perform as) an Integrator. Perhaps you’re a fellow Integrator who has been longing to find a Visionary to attach your action-hungry self to somehow. Perhaps you’re unsure where you fall, and are simply looking for solace in bettering yourself today for tomorrow. Here you’ll find a mix of anecdote, experience, and if I’m doing my job: inspiration.

Integrator, Where Art Thou?

If you’re a visionary or find yourself always making “the things” get done, and you’ve never read Rocket Fuel (Wickman and Winters), you’re missing out. A friend who became a client recommended the book to me, and I could not put it down! This is a rarity. I am usually 3-4 pages a day inContinue reading “Integrator, Where Art Thou?”

Opportunity v. Obligation

Opportunity: A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something favorable. Obligation: An act by which a person is bound or obliged to do something out of a sense of duty. An obligation is not always a terrible thing. We are obliged to obey the laws of the land or justice might comeContinue reading “Opportunity v. Obligation”

Learn to Think

Too few people actually think. Think about the consequences. Think about the outcome. Think about the future. Doers often leave thinking to those we believe spend their days lounging on the beach toking a peace pipe alone with their “deep” thoughts. Take the time to think. Be still. Be calm. Gather your emotions and checkContinue reading “Learn to Think”

Learn Yourself and Others

There are a few ways your actions can set you apart. Be kind and courteous, obviously. But beyond that: learn how to deal with people better. Not just a general “smile more,” but a specific understanding of what makes the specific people in your life tick (and smile more!), and learn how to achieve greaterContinue reading “Learn Yourself and Others”

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