6-2-9-2 (Kolbe)
ESTJ (Myers-Briggs)
Influencer (Stand Out)
Pathfinder (Predictive Index) 
Specialties: Human Resources | Talent Acquisition | Organizational Structure | Operations | Administration | Marketing | Project Management | Process Improvement | Event Planning | Input | Brand Development | Solving Logistical Nightmares

Liz Martin is practiced in a broad range of professional functions gained through more than 17 years of progressive experience, including event management, logistical operations, marketing and publicity initiatives, and brand development.

Skilled in increasing efficiency, decreasing costs, evaluating and improving processes, and adept at creating optimal organizational structure, Liz Martin is a decisive, performance-driven executive proven to combine ingenuity, energy, flexibility, and business acumen to support the success of start-ups and small businesses.

Specializing in putting the wheels on the chassis of big-picture vision, Liz exhibits an insatiable devotion to venturing outside the box and has been consistently recognized as a “get it done”​ logistics magician.

Do you need leadership, management, and accountability in your organization? Perhaps you need a tie-breaker when departments or organizational heads don’t know which direction to follow. An Integrator like Liz is a great tool to help you get jump-started when you’re stuck, or provide the consistency that you need day-in-day-out.

Liz understands P&L and ROI from every aspect of your company and will quickly get her arms around the whole picture and help your business and team stay aligned, coordinated, and growing – together.

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