Integrator, Where Art Thou?

If you’re a visionary or find yourself always making “the things” get done, and you’ve never read Rocket Fuel (Wickman and Winters), you’re missing out.

A friend who became a client recommended the book to me, and I could not put it down! This is a rarity. I am usually 3-4 pages a day in 3-4 books at one time. It probably has something to do with my Kolbe Index (6-2-9-2).

The book details the Visionary and the absolute need for a Visionary to have an Integrator: someone who manages the chaos, organizes the details, leads the people, and executes ideas from a vision to a reality.

Sometimes it means being the bad guy; saying “no,” possibly even to the Visionary when they get the idea to do something outside of the mission and planned objectives of the company. Sometimes it means watching the Visionary get recognized for the idea when the Integrator put all the work behind it to make it a realization.

Ego has to take a back seat. Petty people cannot be an Integrator. An Integrator has to be above the drama.

Being an Integrator — and realizing that I am — is revolutionary. There was a time (and it was really recently) when I thought being the title COO was the highest, most coveted position I would ever achieve and I was holding onto it tooth and claw. The freedom I have experienced in realizing that as an Integrator, I am a scare commodity — of vital importance to Visionaries, of which there are 4 to 1.

Time to make things happen. Sometimes the thing you want isn’t what you need. Grow into who you are, and what you’re meant to do, and perhaps, let it be something different than you thought.

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