Learn to Think

Too few people actually think. Think about the consequences. Think about the outcome. Think about the future. Doers often leave thinking to those we believe spend their days lounging on the beach toking a peace pipe alone with their “deep” thoughts.

Take the time to think. Be still. Be calm. Gather your emotions and check your to do list at the door. Successful people think and the way they think is a powerful tool.

It can be best summed up by the chapter titles in the short, but very useful, John Maxwell book How Successful People Think. This book should be your go-to gift for every graduate.

  • Cultivate big picture thinking.
  • Engage in focused thinking.
  • Harness creative thinking.
  • Employ realistic thinking.
  • Utilize strategic thinking.
  • Learn from reflective thinking.
  • Question popular thinking.
  • Benefit from shared thinking.
  • Practice unselfish thinking.
  • Rely on bottom-line thinking.

How you think and what you think can define what you do and how you do. Leave the High School behavior in the halls of your past. You don’t have time for drama. Think like an adult. It’s time to identify your personal values and think about those instead.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Everything begins with a thought.”

An excerpt from my book (Sizzle, Not Fizzle; 2015)

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