Hi there, Visionary!

Take a minute to remember this moment. You have a lot on your mind: making payroll, cashflow, process improvement, building a team that won’t leave you hanging next month, and all while you’re trying to get your spaceship launched into 2, 3, maybe even 4 galaxies. Maybe you have competition, or perhaps it’s the labor force that keeps you up at night. This is entrepreneurship … and it’s a lonely life.

Sleep Peacefully. End Logistical Nightmares. Find your Right Arm with Invicta Consulting.

Invicta Consulting is the Integrator you need to give your company Rocket Fuel. Invicta Consulting specializes in business & brand development, marketing strategy, providing human resources support, talent acquisition, event planning, project oversight, & process improvement. See how we can help you solve your logistical & operational nightmares through our professional & creative expertise. With over 15 years of growing tiny businesses into Inc. 5000 industry contenders, Invicta is here to assist you as you conquer your world.

We believe every entrepreneur deserves the chance to focus on the big picture because they can rest assured that the logistical details and operational weeds are being considered – and adeptly conquered. You deserve to sleep peacefully knowing that you have secured a right arm who will not only keep your team on track, but knows how to keep you on track, so you can be your most efficient self. Life is too short to stress over details, minutia, and day-to-day operational oversight. YOU DESERVE A PARTNER who will help your company succeed by leading, managing, and delivering accountability so you can focus on the vision, focus, and end-game.


People Have Said:

Liz has endless energy and passion for her work, she regularly obtains results that exceed expectations, and manages to keep multiple balls in the air while seeing projects through to completion without anything falling through the cracks. I heartily endorse Liz, especially for fast-paced entrepreneurial work environments.
T. E.
CPA, President & Growth Advisor
Quest Business Solutions

Liz is one of the hardest working people I know. She puts everything she has into her job and brings passion, energy and creativity to her tasks. 
Director of Operations
Falkirk Center at Liberty University

Liz is one of the most dependable and organized people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s tireless and will go above and beyond to get things done. She’s very good at what she does.
Senior Software Engineer

Liz is energetic and detailed in all her administrative skills. I can be assured that whenever Liz is the orchestrator of any task or conference my work is made that much easier. I cannot recommend Liz highly enough.
New Geneva Leadership College